Does your website have the correct structure? We tell you here.

Entrepreneur. By Juan Carlos Mendoza, SpicyMinds Web Developer  

(This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies.)

The user experience, better known as UX, is one of the most important features in the navigation of a website. It should be intuitive and easy to understand when users enter a page. Therefore, we must always ensure that the crawl from search engines to be efficient. But what is crawl and how does it work?

The crawl is nothing more than the movement of digital spiders that browse the web to search for information. We owe this conception to the word web (mesh or cobweb, in Spanish). Your website is the information that these arachnids find according to the search interests of each person. And for these spiders to find your site, we must trace an easy and simple path for the crawl . But how do you do it?

Basically there are three points that you must take into account to create a perfect structure for your site.

The importance of structure on your website

User experience . If people who enter your website easily find what they are looking for and are interested in, you are doing a good job. When this happens, the bounce rate on your page drops and the lower the better. When the opposite happens, your bounce is high and as users enter your website, they are shot. There can be several reasons: bad structure of the web, it is not easy to navigate and much less intuitive.

Web structure . A good site should always ensure that search engines do their job efficiently, that is, they index and navigate naturally.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) . A correct web structure will help you receive SERP links. This will get the user to the point of interest from the search engine. We must make the engine show the main links of your website when people ask about your business. 

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