Behind the scenes: The wonderful world of foley art

By Tammy Waldman

Foley art is the recreation of sound for film in post-production, to help enhance the audio quality of media. Often, this is when sounds cannot be recorded on set properly, so everything from props and real-life effects to computers are used to recreate the sound after the director says cut. Sefi Carmel, a composer and sound designer who has been in the business for 25 years, considered how this artistic form is still working wonders today

In an exclusive conversation with, Sefi spoke of some of his great triumphs with foley art, as well as some of the moments where he has had to think on his feet to work out how to optimise the soundscape of a film.

One such example came when he was creating the sound on a documentary, and it turned out his director knew too much to accept Sefi’s technical wizardry.

He said: “I was working once on a documentary where there was a shot of someone slaloming on a mountainside, and we couldn’t really find something [a sound for it].

“We were looking for kind of washy sounds and they were not distinct enough for what the director wanted.

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