The New Roaring ’20s Are Coming

AdAge. By Norman Guadagno.

Summer is almost here, and as the temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, a feeling of lightness and hope is taking hold in society. Even as the global pandemic continues to exact a hefty toll, there is a sense that we are on a path to recovery. The question in front of us now is: What comes next?

Experts such as Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorganChase, are predicting the likelihood of a booming economy in the years ahead. It certainly makes economic sense for the pent-up demand across sectors to drive growth in the coming quarters. Verticals such as travel and leisure are already seeing increased activity, albeit in somewhat different patterns than before 2020. What does this coming boom mean for marketers?

Recently I saw an ad on TV, maybe it was for a car or possibly a mobile phone (can we even tell them apart anymore?), and I was just enjoying its complete banality when I noticed something interesting. In one quick scene, someone in the background was wearing a mask. In a later scene, background players weren’t wearing masks. Masks have become normalized as an accessory, like sunglasses or a baseball cap. Compared to ads last year, when masks were symbols of care, cleanliness and safety, now they are just another prop choice for the director.

This shift, from statement to scenery, is a leading indicator of what I believe comes next. Marketers must begin to embrace the pandemic as something that happened and now exists as part of everyday life. Consider how marketers used to treat mobile phones as something unique, and now it is expected that everyone has one in their hands all the time. Masks and plexiglass will be everywhere for the foreseeable future, but they should not be the focus. The focus should be a sense of euphoria, abundance and opportunity.

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